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The popularity of bike loan and library programs is surging, granting people temporary access to bikes for little to no expense.

Are you or your child eager to give cycling a go, but the lack of a personal bike has been an obstacle? Don’t fret, as there’s a solution besides purchasing a bike outright.

The Yorkshire Bank Bike Library Scheme is a standout among the bike library programs, with its aim to make cycling accessible to all in Yorkshire. It provides a straightforward method of borrowing bikes from a nearby bike library at your convenience, dependent on availability. In the Wakefield District, you can find several bike libraries. If you’re interested in giving it a go, check out the locations below!

The Well Maintained Bike Library

Castleford Road, Normanton, WF6 2DP

For more information contact The Well Project at 01924 895634

Reverse the Cycle

Kinsley & Fitzwilliam Community Centre, WF4 2BD

For more information contact the centre at 01977 625425

The above bike libraries provide well-maintained bikes for you to borrow, enabling you to experience the joys of cycling without having to invest in a bike yourself. Whether you’re searching for an enjoyable family activity or are simply curious about cycling, a bike library may be the ideal solution for you.