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Get ready to embark on an incredible journey to school—by bike!

Cycling to school rocks! It keeps you fit, boosts your brainpower, and helps save the planet. Pedalling to school gives you a mini workout, making you feel energized and ready to conquer the day. Plus, you’re reducing pollution and showing love to Mother Earth. Cycling also teaches you important life skills like planning your route, being safe on the road, and managing your time. Is this sounds like something you want to get started with, then check out the information below!

Cycling to school

Cycling to school is awesome, and let us tell you why!

Making you fitter and stronger: Cycling is not just a great exercise, but it’s also super fun! It gets your heart pumping, builds strong muscles, and boosts your overall fitness. You’ll feel like a champ, ready to take on the day with loads of energy and laser-sharp focus in class.

A brighter, greener future: When you choose to hop on your bike instead of relying on a car or other motorised transport, you become a superhero for the planet. By pedalling your way to school, you’re not just getting there in a fun and active way, but you’re also making a real difference in protecting our environment.

Own your journey: Cycling gives you a sense of freedom and responsibility like no other. It’s like unlocking a whole new level of independence! You become the master of your own journey, learning important life skills along the way. From managing your time effectively to planning the best routes and being aware of road safety, cycling teaches you skills that will stay with you for a lifetime

School Streets

Picture this: a road outside a school where traffic takes a break during drop-off and pick-up times. It’s like hitting the pause button on traffic chaos! This magical transformation creates a safer, healthier, and downright pleasant environment for all.

The School Street schemes are the answer to tackling air pollution, promoting better health, and reducing road danger. They’re the superhero solution! By implementing a School Street scheme, families are encouraged to embrace a healthier lifestyle and choose active travel to school. It’s all about ditching those car keys and opting for a greener, more active mode of transport. The best part? It benefits everyone and makes our environment shine brighter than ever! If you think your local school could benefit from this scheme, then more information can be found here